Positions vacant

The Centre often has employment opportunities for postdoctoral researchers, weather and climate modellers and operational and support staff. These roles are advertised and filled at one of our five partner universities. You can find links below to currently advertised opportunities.

Positions VacantLocationClosing date
We will be recruiting numerous research associates in the first half of 2024 to work on all six Centre Research Projects across our five university partners. Positions will be added to this table as soon as roles are advertised. To apply, follow the links and directions on each university’s recruitment page. VariousMarch/April 2024
Senior Research Associate – Climate (Level B $119k – $140k – plus 17% superannuation and annual leave loading). Conduct research to better understand and model weather and climate processes through the application of innovative machine learning methods.UNSW 24/06/2024
Computational Modelling Specialist ($118k – $133k – plus 17% superannuation and annual leave loading). Provide specialist research software engineering expertise to support computational research and climate model development, utilising high-performance computing, visualisation and big-data approaches. UNSW24/06/2024
Research Software Engineer ($109,945 – $ 117,567 per annum plus 17% superannuation). Contribute to the development, optimisation, and deployment of software and workflows that enable climate and weather research utilising high-performance computing, visualisation and big-data approaches.ANU 18/06/2024
Computational Modelling Specialist, Climate Modelling Science (UOM 8 – $119,742 – $129,607 p.a. plus 17% super). Provide technical expertise to support computational research and model development. This role is crucial for advancing climate and weather research through high-performance computing and big-data approaches.U.Melb18/06/2024
Research Associate in Ocean and Atmosphere Mesoscale Systems (Level A $78,499 to $101,512 plus 17% superannuation). Investigate the key processes and feedbacks that underpin the coupling of ocean and atmosphere mesoscale systems.UTAS 16/06/2024
Research Associate in Heatwaves in a Changing Climate (Level A $78,499 to $101,512 plus 17% superannuation). Investigate the role of ocean and climate warming on marine and atmospheric heatwaves through the 21st century.UTAS 16/06/2024
Research Associate in Ocean Modelling (Level B $108,285 to $125,712 plus 17% superannuation). Develop eddy-rich ocean models and couple them to very high resolution atmospheric models to gain quantitative insight into the complex coupling between the ocean and atmosphere.UTASClosed
Postdoctoral Fellow / Associate Lecturer (Level A $80,914 – $101,560 + 17% superannuation). This position forms an integral part of the Centre Project on High-Impact Weather. This is a key role for an early career academic to lead research on the associations between future weather and health.ANU30/05/2024
Research Fellow – Weather Resources (Level B $110,162 – $124,903 + 17% superannuation). Establish robust methodologies to define Australian weather resources, quantify the distribution of weather resources, and examine temporal and spatial variability and Australian weather resources to determine their reliability.ANUClosed
Part Time Senior Administration Officer (ANU Officer Grade 6/7 $89k – $102k pro rata). Provide general administrative support and the coordination of the day-to-day operations of the Centre’s ANU node and contribute to administrative tasks relating to Partner Integration and Engagement and Impact portfolios.ANUClosed
Research Fellow – Atmospheric Modelling (Level B $114k – $136k + 17% superannuation). Configure and develop the atmospheric component of a high-resolution coupled modelling system, focusing on atmospheric convection, air-sea interaction, and weather-climate interactions.U.MelbClosed
Research Fellow – Coastal Wind Resources (Level A $80k – $108k + 17% superannuation). Explore the role of coastal weather systems in modulating the coastal hub-height wind resource at current and future wind turbine hub-heights.U.MelbClosed
Research Fellow – Tropical Climate Variability (Level A $80k – $108k + 17% superannuation). Conduct research on climate variability in observations and climate model simulations, focusing on weather-climate interactions in tropical Australia.U.MelbClosed
Research Fellow – High Impact Weather Under Climate Change (Level A $80k – $108k + 17% superannuation). Identify, describe, and analyse high-impact weather events beyond temperature and rainfall alone, using advanced modelling tools and collaborating with industry partners.U.MelbClosed
Research Fellow – Weather System Dynamics (Level B A$111k – $132k p/a + 17% superannuation). This position will work across all centre projects to better understand and model weather system dynamics. Specifically, you will conduct team-based research with the aim of characterising and developing dynamical understanding of the weather systems that impact the Australian regionMonashClosed
Research Fellow – Tropical-Extratropical Weather System Interactions (Level A. $98k – $106k + 17% superannuation). Collaborate on research into key processes and feedbacks that underpin the interaction between tropical and extratropical weather systems and how this interaction influences the downstream midlatitude large-scale environment using model reanalysis and simulations.MonashClosed
Research Fellow – SSTs and Weather Patterns (Level A. $98k – $106k + 17% superannuation). This collaborative project will investigate key oceanic and atmospheric processes and feedbacks that underpin the formation of the spatial pattern of projected anthropogenically induced surface warming.MonashClosed
Research Fellow – Fine-Scale Coupled Interactions (Level A. $98k – $106k + 17% superannuation). Within a team, carry out research on key processes and feedbacks through which fine-scale coupled interactions between the atmosphere, ocean and land influence the large-scale weather and climate.MonashClosed
Research Fellow – Weather Resources (Level A. $98k – $106k + 17% superannuation). You will work as a team member of the Weather Resources Project, investigating aspects of weather resources in climate models with a focus on those variables important for the renewable energy sector, for example, wind, solar radiation and precipitation.MonashClosed
Research Associate – Sea surface temperatures and their influence on weather (Level A. $106k – $113k p/a + 17% superannuation). This position will contribute to collaborative research that investigates sea surface temperature patterns that affect Australian weather and climate. What causes them, and how do they influence weather and impact rainfall including extremes in the present and the future?UNSWClosed
Research Associate – Convective processes and thermodynamic changes (Level A. $106k – $113k p/a + 17% superannuation). This position will contribute to collaborative research that investigates how convective processes interact with weather systems and how these interactions are influenced by thermodynamic changes.UNSWClosed
Research Associate – Short duration extreme precipitation (Level A. $106k – $113k p/a + 17% superannuation). Working in a team, you will conduct research to better understand processes that lead to short duration extreme precipitation, their relationship to large-scale weather systems and how they will change in the future as the climate changes.UNSWClosed
Senior Research Associate – High resolution land modelling (Level B. $119k – $140k p/a + 17% superannuation). This position will work across all centre projects to better understand and model land surface processes within coupled climate models at very high resolution and develop the land surface model to improve our ability to simulate the weather and climate of Australia, and globally, at high resolution.UNSWClosed